Crime Mapping Tools

Organized Retail Crime: Understanding and Mitigating the Risks with Geospatial Analytics

While shoplifting is a significant and costly challenge, it is dwarfed in terms of scale and severity by another more pervasive form of criminal
activity: organized retail crime. While similar in practice, organized retail crime or ORC is distinguished from shoplifting by
intent. Through geospatial analytics Global Investigations is able to identify areas at risk, assess the impact of a fence, and
disrupt serial offenders.

Lumen: Leveraging Unstructured Data to Enhance Crime Analysis

Police records contain an enormous amount of unstructured data. And yet, crime analysis to date focuses almost exclusively on information that is not found in a narrative but rather in structured data. Through hybrid enterprise search/structured search and analytics tools , analysts can create products that exploit the value of unstructured data in combination with the rich structured data they already use every day.

CrimeStat IV

CrimeStat IV was released early in 2014 and has been updated several times. Funded by the Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety program at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), CrimeStat IV is a stand-alone spatial statistics program for the analysis of incident locations. It was developed by Ned Levine & Associates from research grants by the NIJ. The NIJ is the sole distributor of CrimeStat and makes it available for free to law enforcement and criminal justice analysts, educators, and researchers…