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Editor’s Note

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the fall 2016 issue of the Crime Mapping & Analysis News. Our fall issue explores a broad array of articles…

Letter from IACA President

The IACA is proud to announce that we have reached a new membership threshold of over 3,000 members this past year. IACA has elected a new executive board and we have just recently begun a rotating election process, and VP of Membership and Secretary were up for reelection this past year with both standing board members winning the election by acclimation.

Letter from IACA President

2015 has been a very busy and exciting year for the International Association of Crime Analysts. We have been working hard at collaborating with our partners to share in the efforts of expanding crime analysis across the country…

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the second issue of the Crime Mapping & Analysis News, and the first of 2015. I am happy that the first issue was well received by our readers. This issue brings a broad array of articles focusing on crime mapping and analysis practice and research.

From the Editor

By Shefali Tripathi
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the relaunch of our newsletter – Crime Mapping & Analysis News. We have redesigned the newsletter to make it more readable and to provide advancements and innovations in crime mapping and analysis to our readers. Our web designer has created an elegant and user-friendly design that is easy to navigate. We hope you like it…

From the Police Foundation President

By Jim Bueermann
We are delighted to begin a new phase in the Police Foundation’s commitment to crime analysis and crime mapping. The original Crime Mapping News, which was published by the Police Foundation for nearly a decade, had a strong following and highlighted many innovative concepts in a new and exciting field. Although the field has grown and expanded, there is still a pressing need for a clearinghouse for these innovations and insights…

IACA Welcomes the New Crime Mapping & Analysis News

By Susan C. Hammen (Smith)
On behalf of the IACA, I would like to start by expressing our appreciation to the Police Foundation for including a column from the IACA President in the Crime Analysis & Mapping News newsletter. We are grateful to have been included in this very important endeavor and affirm the full support of the IACA for the Police Foundation moving forward with developing a timely and useful publication for those interested in this field…

Welcome From the former editor of Crime Mapping News

By Greg Jones
As the former editor of the Crime Mapping News, it is my distinct pleasure to contribute to the new Crime Mapping & Analysis newsletter. The Police Foundation has been a significant contributor to the understanding, importance, and practical implications of policing in the United States and abroad since its inception in 1970…