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Baltimore Crime Data Shows Violent Crime Up while Arrests are down

FiveThirtyEight – A review of crime data from Baltimore a month after the April riots shows that violent crime is up, but it is vital to consider the data in the context of total crime and over longer periods. Read more.


How Secret Data Collection and Analysis Fights Crime in Britain

BBC – Bulk data collection must be controlled, but there are numerous cases where the proper analysis of the data has helped solve crimes in Britain. Read more.


Chattanooga Police increase the size of their Crime Analysis Unit to emphasize Intelligence-Led Policing

Chattanoogan – The Chattanooga Police Department is expanding its crime analysis unit. Department leaders say the application of analytical techniques—particularly quantitative techniques—identifies likely objectives for police intervention and can help prevent crime or solve past crimes by making statistical predictions.  Read more.


Intelligence-Led Policing Helps Florida Police Round up Drug Suspects

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota police use intelligence-led policing to identify high drug-activity areas, sweep up 43 suspects with 316 prior convictions. Read more.


Data-Driven Policing Can Bring a New Era of Fairness – If It’s Done Right

The Nation – Data-driven policing practices are here to stay, but depends on the integrity of the data and the quality of the analysis. Read more.


CompStat is a Better Crime-Prevention Tool than Mass Incarceration

GCN – A report from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU finds that CompStat does more to reduce crime than mass incarceration. Read more.

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