Letter from IACA President

Greetings from the IACA,

The International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) welcomes you to the Police Foundation’s Crime Mapping and Analysis News. This year’s 2016 IACA conference, our 26th Annual Training Conference, is being held in Louisville, KY as this issue goes into publication. If you missed our conference, you can look over the presentations at http://iaca.net/conference.asp. The conference took place the week of September 19-23, 2016. We had over 400 attendees, representing 10 countries including the US, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, South Africa & the United Kingdom with 40 U.S. states represented. The conference committee members are in the planning stages for the 2017 Annual Training Conference to be held in New Orleans, LA in September. Please accept this as an invitation for you to join us next year.

The IACA is proud to announce that we have reached a new membership threshold of over 3,000 members this past year.

IACA has elected a new executive board, Noah Fritz—IACA President, Jim Mallard—VP of Administration, Christopher Bruce—VP of Membership, Brandi Christon—Secretary, and Eric Drifmeyer—Treasurer. You can reach them via email: Board@iaca.net. We have just recently begun a rotating election process, and VP of Membership and Secretary were up for reelection this past year with both standing board members winning the election by acclimation. Next year VP of Administration is up for election; and President and Treasurer will come up for election in 2018. Please consider running for a position. In the coming year, the IACA Executive Board will be reaching out to members to serve on various committees that assist us in providing specialized services to the profession.

If you are not an IACA member yet, we invite you to join, attend our annual conference, take part in our professional training series, our certification program, and become a member of our network. Go to www. iaca.net to get more information. Our new motto for police department’s considering hiring a crime analyst is “if you hire an IACA crime analyst, you don’t just get one crime analyst—you get a team of 3,000 innovative professionals.” Come and join the IACA and become a part of this great team!

The IACA will have a booth at the 123rd International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in San Diego, CA, October 15-18, 2016; and will be attending several of the conference sessions. If your chief or someone else from your agency is attending IACP – tell them to stop by our booth. The IACA will meet with Chiefs and other attendees during the vendor exposition to share with them the value of having a crime analysis function within their agency. More and more agencies are turning to the IACA and the profession to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in policing.

As President, and on behalf of the IACA, I want to thank the Police Foundation for extending this partnership to reach out and educate crime analysts around the world. You all make a critical difference in providing safety and security. Thank you for your service.



Noah J. Fritz, PhD


International Association of Crime Analysts


SPARC Supervisor Strategic Planning, Analysis and Research Center Tempe (AZ) Police Department Dr. Noah Fritz is the SPARC—Strategic Planning, Analysis and Research Center—Supervisor at the Tempe Police Department and the past Crime Analysis Manager at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Noah got back into the “field” of crime analysis after spending five years as an Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice & Criminology Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver. His primary area of research is Crime Mapping, Crime Analysis and Geographic Information Systems. He was the previous Director and Founder of the Crime Mapping and Analysis Program (CMAP)—a U.S. Department of Justice sponsored training and technical assistance program; and served as the Deputy Director of NLECTC; and a previous two term President of the IACA. Most notable accomplishments include a Doctorate in Justice and Social Inquiry from Arizona State University, a Master’s from same and undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Illinois State University. He has authored articles in the Sociological Quarterly, the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior, is a co-author of Exploring Crime Analysis (2004); and appeared nationally on ABC’s Weekend News Edition featuring crime mapping and has been featured on public radio in Australia where he provided consulting services to the Victoria Police Department. Noah enjoys camping, hiking and golf; and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

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