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Portland (ME) police using data analysis to better allocate enforcement resources

Portland Herald – Knowing when and where different crimes occur helps police figure out where and when to deploy resources. It also can help residents and visitors take steps to enhance their security. Read more

Monitoring Social Media gives new data points for police looking for hot spots (and criminals)

ABC7 Chicago – Police are increasingly monitoring social media to track where crime is occurring or might occur. Some agencies like Baltimore Police Department are plugging the information into analytic software to determine hot spots. Others, like the Chicago Police Department, still mainly use it to locate criminals and develop evidence in cases. Read more

Gunfire detection software and crime mapping helping East Chicago PD focus resources

Post-Tribune – The East Chicago Police Department has employed ShotSpotter, a high-tech system of sensors and computer analysis that provides police departments with nearly instantaneous information about where gunfire originated to within 25 meters. Coupled with a complex crime-mapping analysis by Indiana University Northwest assistant professor Joseph Ferrandino, Becker said his officers can see the relationship of gunfire, criminal activity and location of squad cars on a single screen. Read more

LAPD is plunging into new technology, predictive policing​​

Business Insider – The LAPD has created an entire division to develop new computer technology and software to take crime analysis to new levels. Predictive Policing is now being used in a third of the LA Police Department’s 21 geographic policing divisions, and officers on patrol are equipped with maps sprinkled with a dozen or more red boxes indicating high probabilities of criminal activity. For now, the LAPD is focusing on burglary, vehicle break-ins and car theft – three types of crime that last year made up more than half of the roughly 104,000 crimes recorded in LA. Read more

Police Foundation

The Police Foundation is a national, non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting innovation and improvement in policing through its research, technical assistance, communication and professional services programs. Established in 1970, the foundation has conducted seminal research in police behavior, policy and procedure, and works to transfer to local agencies the best new information about practices for dealing effectively with a range of important police operational and administrative concerns.

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