New Mobile App Brings Evidence-based Policing Strategies and Tactics to Those “On the Front Lines” of Policing and Crime Prevention

In late 2015, the Police Foundation, George Mason University’s Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy (CEBCP), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) collaborated to develop and release the first version of the Evidence-Based Policing App. Different from other websites and tools related to evidence-based programs, this App explains the process required to implement an evidence-based strategy in simple and easily digestible steps.

Organized Retail Crime: Understanding and Mitigating the Risks with Geospatial Analytics

While shoplifting is a significant and costly challenge, it is dwarfed in terms of scale and severity by another more pervasive form of criminal
activity: organized retail crime. While similar in practice, organized retail crime or ORC is distinguished from shoplifting by
intent. Through geospatial analytics Global Investigations is able to identify areas at risk, assess the impact of a fence, and
disrupt serial offenders.

The Use of Geographic Profiling in Crime Analysis

Geographic profiling is a tool that is especially suited for crime analysts as they are often already familiar with analytical techniques and the creation of crime maps. This article outlines the background of geographic profiling, discusses training in the methodology, and concludes with a case example that shows the application of geographic profiling in an operational case.

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Letter from IACA President

The IACA is proud to announce that we have reached a new membership threshold of over 3,000 members this past year. IACA has elected a new executive board and we have just recently begun a rotating election process, and VP of Membership and Secretary were up for reelection this past year with both standing board members winning the election by acclimation.